Montag, 27. Februar 2012

Moyra nails

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Today I prepared a nail post, in which I used the lacquer, which I already used many times this month,after I bought it.I simply love it, and I can't get tired of using it. :D This is my first Moyra lacquer, but I'm very pleased with it. It's color is beautyfull, it dries fast and is very durable. I haven't found any shade name on it. Only a number, which is 45.
Do you know this lacquer? What's your oppinion? :)
What kind of posts would you like to see in the blog?

Vintage nails

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Hi guys.Today I write a post about nails. I don't know what you think, but I am fed up with this cold weather. I got ill, my throat is acheing and many other problems... I'm really looking forward to  spring, it is my favorite season by the way (I have many reasons why :P). So i thought I'll uplift my mood by making this "spring waiting nails" and this is the result:
How do you stand this cold weather?:(

leopard print make up

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Hello! The result of today's boredom:
I tried to make this makeup, with more or less succes:

Essence sun club palette

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Hi guys! The make up I'm going to show you today is made with the essence sun club palette. I bought it last summer, cause I couldn't let it there, when I saw it, because the brown colors, which I like the most, dominate in it.
This palette was a big disappointment to me,because when I bought it in the summer it was very pigmented. Right now I can barely get out any color of it.Too bad for it :(
I used the first beige color in the palette to create this make up.I used them with an eye shadow base and after 2 hours it completely disappeared from my eyes. I don't know, if only I got a wrong palette or if every palette is like this, but I have to say that this is just like children's make-up. I like the essence products, but this was a big disappointment to me...

Mac creme d'nude

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The perfect nude lip stick. :) Its coverage is perfect, its scent is delicious, slighty dries but its very long lasting. It doesn't look great with my present pale skin, because right now I look like a corpse.:) But when I get colored in summer, I'm sure I'll use this.

It has such a great light, I love it.I would like to buy a little bit darker and stronger one. I would like you to help me. Does anyone know a nice red-claret colored lip stick? It doesn't matter which brand. 

Time for romance & Princess Prunella

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Hello! Today I prepared a nail post for you. I used two nail-polishers.Both from essence:"Time for romance" and "Princess prunella".It has been on my nails for 3 day right now, and until now it had no problems.
Do you like the essence nail-polishers?

Artdeco eyeliner

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Good evening everybody! I want to write about another stuff I got. On the homepage of artdeco they wrote the following: Waterproof Soft Eyeliner (2210)

The newly developed texture is extremely long-lasting. After drying the Soft Eye Liner waterproof becomes smudge- and waterproof. The pleasantly soft and creamy texture provides a very easy and precise application. You can easily blend it out shortly after application. Very rich colour appearance and high opacity.I have the 15-er dark hazelnut shade.According to the description on the homepage it sound great,especially for me,because make-up normally does not stay on my face until the end of the day.
I tried washing and rubbing it. Here are the pictures:

The second picture is after washing and rubbing. In my opinion it's a good product. I'm really pleased with its durability and with almost every artdeco product. 

Are you pleased with artdeco products too?

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